Major Milestones



-       The Hong Kong Institute of Personnel Management (HKIPM) was officially registered in February. First Annual General Meeting was held and Peter Barrett was elected first President of the Institute.

-       First newsletter published in May.


-       Conducted first survey of executive compensation (now the renowned annual Pay Trend and Pay Level Survey).


-       Held its first two-day HKIPM Annual Convention.


-       Appointed first full-time secretariat staff.


-       Drew up A Code of Conduct and Ethics for Human Resources Professionals.


-       Celebrated 10th anniversary and changed corporate logo.


-       Conducted first Emigration from Hong Kong – an Organisational Survey.

-       Conducted The Present State of Personnel Management in Hong Kong survey.


-        The Hong Kong Society for Training and Development merged with HKIPM.


-       Published The Employment Ordinance – An Annotated Guide

-       Introduced Staff Opinion Survey (now the Employee Experience Survey™).

-       Formed the Asia Pacific Group.

-       Changed its name to Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM) to better reflect the changing strategic role of HR management. A new mission statement was announced.


 -      Joined hands with The Conference Board of the US to organise its first Conference Board Conference in Asia.

-       President Eddie Ng was elected President of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) (1995 – 1999).

-       Formed the PRC Club.


-       Organised the 1996 World Congress on Personnel Management in conjunction with the APFHRM and World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA).

-       Launched official website on 1 May.


-       Introduced Global Remuneration Professional® (GRP) programmes and examinations of the American Compensation Association (now WorldatWork) in Hong Kong. 

-       Produced Data Privacy Guidelines.

-       Published Hong Kong Employment Law Manual.


-       Conducted Human Resource Competencies Study in Hong Kong together with the University of Michigan Business School.

-       Conducted Benefits Survey and Manpower Planning Survey.


-       Immediate Past President Eddie Ng was elected President of the WFPMA (2000-2002).

-       Conducted Training Needs Analysis Survey (now Training and Development Needs Survey).

-       Published "News Digest" – a daily e-summary of HR-related news (now daily e-newsletter).

-       Published professional monthly journal People Today (now Human Resources).


-       HKIHRM was one of the founding members of the CPD Alliance which was formed by professional organisations to promote the importance of continuing professional development.

-       Introduced complimentary legal advisory service to corporate members.


-       Set four initiatives (Accreditation, China, Website/IT and SMEs) as key development areas.


-       Immediate Past President P O Mak was elected Vice President of the APFHRM.

-       Introduced complimentary employment related tax advisory service to corporate members.


-       President Virginia Choi was elected Chairperson of the CPD Alliance.

-       Joined hands with Worldwide ERC® to launch the Global Mobility Specialist (GMS™) Programme.

-       Conducted another round of Human Resource Competency Study in China with the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

-       Published professional monthly journal People Today (now Human Resources).



-       Co-presented Human Capital Management in Greater China Conference together with South China Morning Post (SCMP).



-       Launched Continuous Learning Recognition Scheme.

-       Drew up the draft Accreditation Roadmap.

-       Jointly launched People Management Awards with the SCMP.

-       Published professional monthly journal People Today (now Human Resources).


-       Celebrated 30th Anniversary.

-       Conducted 2007 China Pay Trend and Pay Level Survey.


-       An Accreditation Steering Committee was formed to monitor the progress of the Accreditation Initiative and make decisions on its related processes and mechanism. 


-       A Minimum Wage Taskforce was set up to solicit the concerns of HR professionals in different sectors and to represent HKIHRM in meeting with related parties to discuss the impact of a minimum wage on HR practices.


-       Launched an HR Professional Standards Model and a new Membership Scheme.

-       Co-operated with Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) for the first time to conduct surveys, entitled “2010 Learning and Talent Development Survey” and “Next Generation HR”.

-       Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CIPD to establish longer-term relationship.

-       President Francis Mok was elected President of the APFHRM (2010 – 2012).


-       Host the APFHRM Council meeting in Hong Kong and organised a Regional HR Conference with the theme “Winning Insight on Human Capital Asia Pacific 2011”.

-       Jointly organised a three-day programme with CIPD, which featured employment relations and union management.

-       Co-organised the first two-shore four-place ER conference with China Association for Labour Studies.

-       Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with HR People & Strategy, a strategically focused, US-based ground-breaking network of HR management executives and leaders.



-       Celebrated 35th Anniversary.

-       Launched the first HR Excellence Awards.

-       Launched new website and a mobile application for despatch of HKIHRM information. 

-       Launched mentorship programme for Associate Members.




-       Organised various standard working hours related activities including forum and survey, and made a submission to government. 

-       Launched a project to enhance HR capability of small- and medium-sized enterprises jointly with the Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business with sponsorship from the SME Development Fund of the Trade and Industry Department.





 -      Continued partnership with CIPD to extend joint collaborations under a second Memorandum of Understanding.

 -      Supported the Cross Industry Training Advisory Committee for HRM formed by the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework Secretariat for the establishment of a qualifications framework for HR professionals to promote life-long learning for career development.

 -      Organised the first Training and Development Needs Seminar as a new initiative to the Training and Development Needs Survey conducted by the Institute.


 -       On 8 August, the HKIHRM entered into a reciprocity professional membership recognition arrangment  between the HKIHRM's Professional Members M.I.H.R.M (HK) designation and the Canada-based Human    Resources Management Association (HRMA)'s Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) designation  established by the two professional bodies. 


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