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Hong Kong Corporate Training

In-house Training, Customised For Your People and Your Business


HKIHRM corporate training provides highly practical, efficient, economical and time effective solution to maximize your return on learning and development investment. We work with members to deliver solutions that drive forward your business.

HKIHRM provides services to Hong Kong and only some parts of Macau and mainland China. Please feel free to enquire about details using the below form.

Communication 溝通及影響技巧

  • ØAssertive Communication 自信溝通工作坊
  • ØBusiness English & Communication Skills (Writing & Speaking)商業英語運用
  • ØBusiness Storytelling for Leader® 領導者必備:說故事的影響力
  • ØDrama presentation 戲劇演說工作坊
  • ØHR Creative Writing for Effective Communication 創意寫作有效溝通工作坊
  • ØThink On Your Feet® 足智多謀®

Legal 法例

  • ØHong Kong Employment Law/Employment Ordinance 香港勞工法例及僱傭條例
  • ØChina Labour Law 中華人民共和國勞動法

Team bonding 團隊關係

  • ØEmployee Engagement 員工投入度提升聯繫人才管理與組織策略
  • ØTeam building 建立及管理團隊
  • ØTeam building in VR 虛擬實境管理團隊

Creativity & Innovation 創新思維

  • ØCreativity and Innovation with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® 創意樂高認真玩
  • ØDesign Thinking 設計思考

Interviewing skills 招聘面試技巧

  • ØCompetency Base Interview (CBI) Skills 以職能為主之招聘面試技巧
  • ØAdvanced Interviewing Skills & Career Planning 進階招聘面試技巧及職業路向規劃

Leadership 領導力提升 

  • ØLeadership and Effective Coaching (Mentoring skills) 有效提升教練和導師技能
  • ØSituational Leadership® 情境領導模式
  • ØPeople Management Essentials for Managers (Competence-based) 領導者必備:高效職能團隊管理
  • ØTrain-the-Trainer 培訓師培訓

HR Technologies 人力資源電子技術

  • ØHR Dynamic Form and Automation 人力資源動態形式與自動化
  • ØDashboard and Report for HR Professional  人力資源專業人員的儀表板和報告
  • ØHR Business Analytic  人力資源業務分析

Strategic/task management 策略性思維及計劃

  • ØHR for non HR (Basic employment law or other HR skills for Line Managers) 前線/部門經理要掌握的人力資源基本知識
  • ØPerformance Management 績效管理
  • ØProject Management 項目管理
  • ØProject Management Essentials for Managers 做個成功的項目管理人員:項目管理要點
  • ØEffective Project Management with New Ideas of Scrum Project – Scrum新思維:有效的項目管理
  • ØStrategic Planning and Thinking with Big Wallcharts運用Wallcharts策略規劃與思考
  • ØProblem Solving skills 解決問題及決策分析的技巧
  • ØTime Management 有效時間管理

Corporate Special Offer

If more than 5 participants joined our full certificate programmes, your company can enjoy a Corporate Special Offer, please refer to HKIHRM upcoming program website for more details  or contact Learning & Development Department at (852) 2837-3834 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Tailor-made In house class

All above programmes can be tailor-made based on company needs and we have very strong consultants team to support organisation’s needs.

It is necessary for companies that are interesed in our service to fill in the form below (PDF - If you have not received replies within 1 week, feel free to contact Learning & Development Department at (852) 2837-3834 or email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

HKIHRM certificate (HKIHRM認証)

If you want to be our speaker and partner, please complete the Consultant Partnership Forn and we will get back to you shortly.

Ø   解決問題及決策分析的技巧

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