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Pay Trend and Benefits Seminar

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Date:November 2017 (Fridaya Time: 9:00am 5:00pm
Venue: B/1 Regal Ballroom & Monaco Room, Regal Hong Kong Hotel

More Than Report Sharing: A New Merit Matrix for Talent Value – You'll see a big difference.

For decades, pay for performance has taken the form of raising base salaries based on ratings and compa-ratios; this creates differentiation, but puts enormous pressure on performance ratings and often fails to retain tomorrow's key talent. Come see a new model that aligns annual raises with talent value, a person’s forward-looking value to the company.

This conference features survey results on expertise and assignee packages, latest market trends and benchmarks, trends on pay adjustments over 15 countries including Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan and India. It is aimed at helping HR practitioners, C&B specialists and business leaders to re-examine policies to match with corporate needs. Hundreds of peers join us annually in reviewing the past economic conditions and its impact on staff. Participants are also inspired by speakers’ pioneering insights into reshaping HR and C&B management for the future.

You will enjoy a great day of learning and networking opportunities, with strategies and visions shared by field experts and academia, including economists, HR professionals, legal advisors, as well as pay & benefits experts.

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Registration begins at 8:45am
0900-0930   Hong Kong’s Economic Trend 
Mr Rocky Tung, Senior Economist, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

0930-1000   HKIHRM 2017 Pay Trend Survey Result Highlights & 2018 Outlook 
Ms Alice Wong, Co-Chairperson, Remuneration Committee, Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management

1000-1045   Pay and Benefits Trends in Asia Pacific Region 
Ms Hyuna Choi, Principal, Career Business, Mercer Hong Kong

1045-1115   Coffee Tea Break (Souvenir presentation for speakers of AM session)
1115-1145   Legal Updates: Risk and Compliance Management 
Mr Hong Tran, Partner, Employment & Benefits, Mayer Brown JSM

1145-1215   Taxation Updates: Plan Before You Act!
Mr Murray Sarelius, Head of Global Mobility Services, KPMG China

1215-1245   HKIHRM 2017 Topical Study: Adoption of Technology in HR 
Ms Senna Cheung, Co-Chairperson, Remuneration Committee, Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management

1245-1400   Lunch Break (Registration begins at 13:45pm)
1400-1445   CEO Sharing: Retirement – A New Beginning 
Ms Ka Shi Lau, BBS, Managing Director & CEO, BCT Group

1445-1530   Flex and Wellness Without Spending More: Making the Business Case For Wellness in the Workplace 
Mr Bob Charles, Managing Director, Hong Kong, CXA Group

1530-1600   Coffee Tea Break (Souvenir presentation for speakers of PM session)
1600-1630   Belt & Road and Its Impact for Hong Kong – Global Relocation Trend and Pay Analysis 
Mr Lee Quane, Regional Director – Asia, ECA International

1630-1700   New Transformation – New Strategies on Pay and Performance Management: A New Merit Matrix for Talent Value 
Mr Thomas Farmer, CCP, SPHR, ACTA

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Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM) reserves the rights to change the event details without prior notice. All matters and disputes are subjected to the final decision of HKIHRM.


Press Release related to HKIHRM’s Pay Trend Survey

2017 January-June

²   HKIHRM: Pay Rise Adjusted Downward to Average 2.9% in 2017

²   HKIHRM: 2017年僱員平均基本薪金增幅2.9%

²   on.CC東方日報經濟前景不明朗 4成港青無信心來年加

²   大紀元港企業僱員平均加2.9% 2010年來新

²   SMB World Asia: HK’s small-sized firms offer higher average pay rise than bigger companies


²   hk01香港零一打工仔明年加薪3.5%  六年新



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with workshops below!

1. Seminar: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Approach to Manage Staff Performance (12 Dec)

2. Seminar: HR as an Auditor (14 Nov)

3. Full day Seminar: Manage the Annual Salary Review (02 Nov)

4. Seminar: Managing Directors Remuneration for Companies Listed in Hong Kong (06 Dec)

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2017 Pay Trend and Benefits Seminar



2017 Pay Trend and Benefits Seminar and Pay Trend & Pay Level Survey Full Set Report 2017



Special Offer for Seminar (Pay Level Survey#1 / Pay Trend Survey#2 participant / Report subscriber)* 

*Successful #1 participants will receive an e-copy of #1 report;
#2 participants will receive the full report – refer to FAQ below.



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QWho are eligible for Special Seminar Offer?

A: Those who have filled in Pay Level Survey #1 (open to public; will be closed on 29 Sep) or Pay Trend Survey #2 (sent by invitation only); and people who already subscribed our report online/through our research team. Please note Pay Level #1 participants will only receive e-copy of #1 Survey results (does not include Pay Trend #2) and therefore ordering full report is recommended. For Pay Trend #2 participants, you will receive a full report (include both #1 & #2 results; in both hardcopy and e-copy).

Q: What if there are 3 staffs who want to join the seminar – and we would like to order the full report too (HKIHRM members)?

A: Your fee will be: HKD 11,030 (7030+2000+2000) – one person entitles to full report so the rest can enjoy special offer.

Q: What is the difference between Pay Level #1 and Pay Trend #2 Survey Report?

A: You may find details here. As explained above, #1 participants will only receive e-copy of #1 results, while #2 participant will get the full report (results #1 and #2) in both e-copy and hardcopy.


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2016 Pay Trend and Benefits Seminar

The 2016 HKIHRM Pay Trend & Benefits Seminar took place on 2 November. It was well attended by a full house of 250 participants who enjoyed a great day of learning and networking opportunities, thanks to an excellent line-up of speakers including economists, HR experts, legal advisors, and pay & benefits consultants.

Mr Lawrence Hung, Vice President of the HKIHRM, shared with more than 250 HR practitioners and people management professionals findings of the 2016 Pay Trend and Benefits Survey and projection of pay rise level in 2017. Ms Senna Cheung, Co-Chairperson of the HKIHRM Remuneration Committee, revealed the results of HKIHRM's topical study on stress in the workplace which has direct impact on employee turnover, decreased productivity, absenteeism, lower quality of work and low morale. Other speakers at the seminar included Professor Raymond So, Dean of Continuing Education at the Hong Kong Baptist University; Mr Daniel Poon, Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s Principal Economist; Mr Vincent Fung, Senior Principal Consultant at Mercer (Hong Kong); and  Mr Hong Tran, Partner of Employment and Benefits at Mayer Brown JSM.

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Click the above photo for the photo album of our 2016 event.


2016 attendees

2016 Exhibitors & supporting Organisations:

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