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Event: The Future Workplace & Unlock Talent Potential



The Future Workplace

Our Future Talents – Technologies Transformation & Subversion of Tradition

English Seminar / 20 April 2018 (Friday) / 9:30am – 1:00pm

Level 9, 4 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

HKIHRM member: HKD 380 / Non-member: HKD 480

 Discover the NEXT practices of HR.

After World War II, planning became the heart of Human Resources when manufacturing dominated the industrial landscape. Nowadays, there has been an emerging change led by HR – Work 4.0 Talent Management. We have to keep tomorrow’s talent in our hands today toalign with company goals and stay ahead of the game.

13 speakers will gather and share their practical experiences on how to embrace the digital world. You will learn how to get started in AI, Big Data, gamification, AR, VR and other strategies to harness innovation and build an agile workforce. What would be our first step?

Event Details - Agenda & Speaker Bios (click for pdf)








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Report Sharing: CEO Concerns about Future Leaders

Mr. Michael LU, Senior Consultant, DDI

Leaders – are CEO’s Top Concerns in a digital age. We need to know what kinds of competencies digital era leaders need to have. And there are four key perspectives to accelerate these leaders development:

  1. Developing leaders strategy
  2. Create the right culture
  3. Enlarge the HIPO pool
  4. Tinker the right learning modalities mix
  5. So for HR, this requires them to have new role.


Real Case Sharing: How HR Use High Tech to Help Organization Success

Mr. Steven CORREY, Lead Data Analytics Instructor, Accelerate HK

Ms. Johana BURLOUX, Co-founder - Chief Strategy & Partnerships Officer, Weesper

Mr. Tom TONG, Co-founder, Softmind Ltd

Moderator: Mr. Francis WONG, Executive Council Member and L&D Committee Member, HKIHRM

  1. Artificial Intelligence for Business Executives
  2. Big Data Analytics
  3. Tech and the sourcing of talent: crowd recruiting
  4. How Tech can help you boost the sourcing of talent
  5. Leveraging AR/VR in Future Education
  6. Robotic application in AI, AR & VR




Engaging Employees using HR Tech

Ms. Fanny WONG, Head of Human Resources & Administration, JTH Group

  1. Technology Onboarding using Apps
  2. Promote learning culture using Apps
  3. Bringing better employee experience using Technology
    • Staff welfare activities
    • Internal social media
  4. Experience sharing: challenges and successful stories


THEME: Subversion of Tradition – The Future Hiring Strategies


Employing Persons with Disabilities to Unleash a Great Source of Human Resources

Ms. Rebecca  LEUNG,  Regional  Manager,  Selective  Placement  Division, Labour Department, HKSARG

Persons with disabilities is a workforce that is often overlooked and under-utilized by HR professionals during the hiring process. The conventional view often leads recruiters to deploy the employment of persons with disabilities only as a means to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

In times of robust employment market amidst long-standing low unemployment rate, recruiters are facing increasing challenge in the talent hunt. It is high time for HR professionals to explore the uncharted sea of the employment of persons with disabilities as a manpower solution per se.

The session will introduce various initiatives of the government in supporting business enterprises in the employment of persons with disabilities and discuss some real cases of enterprises benefitting from the engagement of persons with disabilities in their workforce.


Unleash Women Talents

Ms. Rainbow CHOW, Founder & Creative Director, MicroForest

  1. The values / missions of a social enterprise – MicroForests
  2. The model of Microforests that helps to unleash women talents
  3. The impact measurement of the project


<Contains Cantonese>

Retired Athletes – New Talents with Valuable Traits

Mr. Jason LUI, Assistant Manager, Hong Kong Athletes Career & Education Programme (HKACEP), Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Mr. Kam Po WONG, SBS, BBS, MH, Programme Development Executive, Sports Legacy Scheme, SF&OC Sports Legacy Company Limited

  1. Introducing the valuable traits of athletes
  2. Sharing by current employers and retired athletes
  3. Potential collaboration opportunities



<Contains Cantonese>

New Perspective in Talent Matching by CV360

Mr. Sam CHIU, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Pricerite

Ethan Ip, CLAP Youth

Moderator: Ms. Apple TSE, Team Leader, District Service Team, CLAP for Youth@JC

  1. About CLAP (CLAP video)
  2. What’s CV360 and the Expanded Notion of Work concept behind
  3. How CV360 creates shared value for both youth and business: Case sharing by Pricerite
  4. Next steps


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Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM) reserves the rights to change the event details without prior notice. All matters and disputes are subjected to the final decision of HKIHRM.

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2018 Unlock Talent Potential Workshops

English Workshops / 20 April 2018 (Friday) / 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Level 9, 4 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

Workshop A: Big Data Analytics - Talent Management Practical Workshop

Workshop B: Solutions for Millennial Talent Management using Design Thinking




2017 The Future Workplace Seminar



Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you again next year!


 Click here for full agenda and speaker bios pdf

On 16 May, the Institute organised the Future Workplace seminar. It was attended by a full house of about 60 participants, learning how to build a digital HR team by decoding hot buzzwords like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), FinTech, etc. The HKIHRM was honoured to have invited a range of esteemed professional practitioners who shared their best HR-related practices and relevant statistics.

Speakers from Deloitte, Kenfil, CenturyLink, Talent+ and the HKIHRM addressed and analysed the impact of technology on the future role of HR and how practitioners can equip themselves to become “HR-tech” pioneers bracing for emerging and unknown trends ahead.


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2017 Unlock Talent Potential - Talent Management Seminar


Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you again next year!




 Click here for full agenda - speaker bios & rundown 


On 26th May, the HKIHRM organised a seminar entitled “Unlock Talent Potential -Talent Management Strategies to Create a Higher-Performing Workforce”, attended by over 60 participants who enjoyed a full day of learning how to build a sustainable learning organisation with high-performing culture, add value to their own branding agenda, and handle diversity management.


Over 14 speakers from renowned organisations, such as the Immigration Department, Fragomen Worldwide, ACTE Global, Talent +, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, HCC Global, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong Police Force and Lane Crawford shared their insights into comprehensive and strategic talent management strategies in their individual presentations and panel discussion sessions.




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