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From HR Journal September 2017 Issue


Dear members,


Forty Years Working for HR Excellence


The Institute is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and a reception will take place on 14 September to mark this auspicious occasion with members and guests. Forty years is a rather long history and for any organisation a key milestone to review its achievements and forge new areas of development. Over the past four decades, the Institute has continuously played a pivotal role in driving the transformation of the HR profession in Hong Kong to respond to the challenges arising from our city’s social and economic changes while constantly advancing professional standards and best practices among members.


The Institute has witnessed the evolution of HR practitioners in the functions they have performed in organisations in different eras, from playing an administrative role in the back office in the 1970s and 1980s, to today as strategic business partners of their organisation involved in important business decision-making processes. With HR functions being taken to a whole new level in today’s technology-driven economy, HR practitioners are tasked to deliver value to their organisations through their involvement in strategy formulation, resourcing, talent management, reward management,corporate culture development and employee relations. HR has become an indispensable enabler to maximisemployee productivity and engagement to help attain business success.


As the leading professional body in HR management in Hong Kong with a mission to increase the value and influence of the profession, I am glad to see that, over the years, the Institute has successfully delivered value to members and the profession and exert its influence on various stakeholders in society, including the Hong Kong Government, in the areas of opinion leadership and policy formation.


Ever since our humble beginnings – with a membership of 120 in 1977,compared with a record figure of 5,522 in 2015 – we have proactively responded to members’ demands by meeting their professional and development needs through a wide range of bespoke member services and initiatives. The Institute takes pride in the solid research foundation it has built over the decades since the launchof the first Executive Compensation Survey (now known as the Pay Trend and Pay Level Survey) in 1978. More surveys have subsequently been added to the research portfolio, including the manpower statistics survey, benefits survey, training and development needs survey and other surveys on employment-related topics.


Advancing professional standardsand promoting best practices in HR management is the area the Institute has steadfastly focused on over the years, to raise the bar of the profession and maintain its development in an ever-changing business landscape.The Institute launched the HR Professional Standards Model in 2010,which gave rise to a new membership scheme and the framework of HRBody of Knowledge which specifies awide range of HR knowledge and skillsets required for HR managementand development functions that govern the contents of our certificate programmes. A big step forward in ourwork of professional standards came when the Institute was appointed in2014 by the Hong Kong Government to be Professional Writer responsible for producing the Specification of Competency Standards for the Human Resource Management under the Qualifications Framework. This cross-industry, cross-discipline HRM initiative can help establish professional benchmarks for HR practitioners at all levels to pursue life-long learning, while attaining locally accredited and quality-assured qualifications in the HRM sector.


In tandem with our work in research, training and setting professional standards, the Institute has created a range of platforms to engage our members and fellow HR practitioners where they can learn from and share best HR and people management practices with HR professionals, business leaders and academics, both locally and internationally. These platforms, among others, include the HKIHRM Annual Conference which was successfully revamped in 2012 with an expanded scope, newdiscussion formats and a concurrent exhibition, as well as the coveted HR Excellence Awards launched the same year. Our professional standingis duly recognised by our overseas counterparts. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the UK’s Chartered Institute of Personneland Development in 2010 to forge collaboration in research and training, and a reciprocal professional membership recognition arrangement was entered into with Canada’s Human Resources Management Association in 2016.


With 40 years of achievements behind it, the Institute will continue to reinvent itself to be an agile, innovative and forward-looking professional organisation in HR management to meet future challenges, responding tothe professional needs of members, especially the new generations of HR practitioners who will play a key role in sustaining the growth of the Institute and the HR profession as a whole.


Finally, I would like to thank all members of the past and incumbent HKIHRM executive councils who have contributed their time, effort, expertise and professional insights to help spearhead the development of the Institute over the past 40 years.


David Li

President of HKIHRM


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