President’s Message

From Human Resources Jun 2015 Issue


To keep our members abreast of the latest HR trends and major developments in the local labour market, the Institute regularly conducts tracking studies and adhoc research on current HR topics. Recently the topic of retirement age has caught the public’s attention, with the government’s decision to extend the retirement age of its newly hired civil servants from 60 to 65, effective from 1 June. This initiative is in line with the government’s population policy and serves one of its strategies to unleash the potential of Hong Kong’s ageing workforce who are still productive and willing to contribute to society with their field knowledge, experience and connections.


The government’s action is intended to encourage employers to consider implementing similar measures to extend the working life of their employees. In active response, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority now follows in the footsteps of the government to raise the retirement age to 65. In order to explore the views of our members and other HR professionals on raising the retirement age, we conducted a poll with 386 members and HR professionals via an online survey in April 2015, and the results have been announced and released to the members and the media.


The findings reveal that 82% of the respondents supported the notion of the raising retirement age. For those in favour of this view, 78% agreed that raising retirement age would be an effective measure to alleviate pressure in manpower shortage. Among them, 71% suggested that the retirement age could be set at 65 years old and a further 24% opined that the age should be extended to above 65. As a leading professional body in human resource management, the Institute will continue to gather more views and suggestions from members, HR professionals and practitioners and other key stakeholders in this field through platforms such as roundtable discussion.


On the Institute’s latest development in standard setting for the HR profession, we have been appointed by the Qualifications Framework Secretariat to take a leading role to produce the Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) for the HR management sector, a project under the Cross-Industry Training Advisory Committee for the Human Resource Management. The project will help set industry benchmarks for the skills, knowledge and attributes required to perform jobs related to HR management at various levels in Hong Kong.


Meanwhile, during the whole month of June, we will be conducting a Tri-Annual Benefits Survey to monitor employers’ policies and practices on employee benefits. In view of that, I encourage our fellow members and HR practitioners to participate in this significant research, the findings of which will certainly provide insights into the practices and measures that companies use to foster staff engagement and boost retention.

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