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R&D keeps its focus on the latest pay adjustment trends, compensations and benefits from the local organizations. The Pay Trend and Pay Level Survey, is one of key reports of pay trend surveys in Hong Kong, provides the important reference forthe corporations in Hong Kong in marking pay-related decisions. The reports are published in November each year.

R&D conducts Quarterly Survey on Manpower Statistics with aiming at tracking manpower movements in Hong Kong’s labor market. The reports are published in February, May, August and November each year.

Training & Development Needs Survey is conducted annually. The objective of the report is to  identify the training needs in various functional and non-functional training topics during the year. The report is published in September of the year.

The Triennial Benefit report includes comprehensive information on benefits for local employees working in Hong Kong, an overview on the provisions of benefits for local employees frequently travels, stationed in Macau and Mainland China. This report is published in tri-annual.

R&D, in collaboration with other Human Resources consulting companies or institutions, publishes the reports related to Human Resources topics..

Apart from the publication of the regular reports, R&D will also conduct Employee Experience Survey (EES) for various companies. From the result of the survey, companies will know how their employees perceived about the organization, their leaders and the opportunities for improvement. Data collection can be collected through either questionnaire booklet or web-based questionnaires, so that it facilitates various size of organization and without geographical boundaries.

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2012 Benefits Survey


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2013 Quarterly Survey on Manpower Statistics 

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