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Date: 14-03-2018

HKIHRM The Future Workplace Seminar 2018


Date: 14-03-2018

Seminar: The Art of Facilitating Dialogues & Focus Groups


Date: 14-03-2018

講座: 內地企業併購與人力資源的策略


Date: 13-03-2018


  Are you looking for a practical solution to help your colleagues to build a truly cohesive & effective team with higher productivity? The creation of a team with vulnerable trust, constructive conflict, clear commitment, mutually accountable and result driven team can be le...

Date: 06-03-2018

Seminar on Restrictive Covenants

Many employers include restrictive covenants in their employment contracts to try to protect against competition from departing employees.  However, whether those restrictive covenants are actually enforceable or provide effective protection for the employer depends on a number of ...

Date: 31-01-2018

Experience Sharing Seminar on Application of IoT in HRM

With the advancement of technology and power of Big Data analytics, companies are making use of the Internet of Thing (IoT) to enhance efficiency and competitiveness. Such applications are adaptable to many functions including human resource management. The HKIHRM is pleased to invite Dr....

Date: 10-11-2017

HKIHRM’s New Mentorship Programme Driven by Young Associate Members Receives Fervent Support


Date: 06-11-2017

Mutual Recognition of Professional Membership between HKIHRM and Canada-based CPHR BC & Yukon

HKIHRM has established a mutual recognition of Professional Membership with the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of British Columbia and Yukon CPHR BC & Yukon.  The understanding is based on a recognition of ‘substantial equivalency’ of the M.I.H.R.M.(HK) or F.I.H.R.M.(HK) des...

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