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Date: 20-10-2017

Invitation to Join the “From School To Work” Buddy Programme


Date: 28-09-2017

SMART Performance Management System


Date: 29-08-2017



Date: 27-03-2017

HKIHRM 四十週年特別優惠活動

【HKIHRM 四十週年特別優惠活動】 為慶祝香港人力資源管理學會服務業界四十週年,現可憑優惠價HK$100報讀四月份指定課程。 只需按 bit.ly/hkihrm40 報名登記。讚好這個帖子並公開分享到你的Facebook timeline或LinkedIn,然後上...

Date: 14-02-2017

Seminar on Designing an Effective Performance Management System

Performance evaluation is often perceived as a typical annual administrative HR exercise where the supervisors and subordinates are required to arrange a meeting time together for a few minutes. However, an effective performance management system provides a valuable opportunity and communicati...

Date: 14-02-2017

Asia’s Next Succession Paradigm

Strong leadership is likely the single most important driver of overall organisational performance. However, the increasingly complex and fast-changing business environment in Asia, coupled with high leader turnover, has raised the stakes for building a strong regional leadership bench that ...

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