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HR competency and HR programmes

Professional Development for HR Practitioners

To ensure HR practitioners continue to build the knowledge and capabilities to support the long-term sustainable growth of individual enterprises and the economy at large, HKIHRM has completed the key stages of writing the 7 Specification of Competency Standards for the HRM sector (HRM SCS).

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HKIHRM Outcome Based Learning Programmes:

HR Fundamentals Employment Law China Employment Law Reward Management Learning and Development
Event Taxation Communication / Influence Sourcing and Staffing Global Programmes

 For full details of the draft standards, please click

Knowledge Requirements for Membership


According to the HKIHRM Membership Scheme, individuals who seek to join as an Associate Member or Professional Member are required to meet specific level of knowledge requirements.

To apply for Associate Membership, taking the HKIHRM Certificate in Foundation Skills in Human Resource Management is a way to prepare for the Associate Member Assessment, which leads to Associate Membership.

To apply for or to upgrade to Professional Membership, a) taking the following HKIHRM certificate programmes (depending on selecting HR Management Route or HR Development Route) and the subsequent assessments and b) completing “HR as Business Partner Series” is one of the options to meet the knowledge requirements.

HR Management Route

(Choose any two certificate programmes)


HR Development Route

(Must take both certificate programmes)

  1. Certificate in Reward Management [1]
  2. Certificate in Employment Law & Employee Engagement [2]
  3. Certificate in Sourcing & Staffing [3]






  1. Certificate in Train-the-Trainer
  2. Certificate in Learning Management




HR as Business Partner Series

(Take one course in each of the four areas)

Global/ Environmental Perspective

  • ØStrategic HR 

Related courses:

  1. Global Remuneration Professional (GRP)
  2. Certified Compensation Professional (CCP)
  3. Accredited Law Officer of HR (人力資源法務師)
  4. Any other related courses/seminars

Business Perspective

  • ØBusiness Strategy and Value Chain
  • ØAccount Management
  • ØCorporate Governance

Related courses:

  1. Certificate in Finance Management for HR Professionals & Non-Finance Managers
  2. Any other related courses/seminars

Organisational Perspective

  • ØUnderstanding Financial Statements
  • ØInternal Consulting
  • ØCorporate Social Responsibility
  • ØCorporate Branding and Public Relations

Related courses:

  1. Pay Trend and Benefits Seminar
  2. Annual Training Needs Seminar cum ATD Post-Conference Sharing
  3. Any other related courses/seminars

Individual Perspective

  • ØProject Management
  • ØHR Ethics and Code of Conduct

Related courses:

  1. Any other related courses/seminars


[1]Certificate in Reward Management is equivalent to Certificate in Compensation & Benefits offered by the HKIHRM before 2010.

[2]Certificate in Employment Law & Employee Engagement is equivalent to Certificate in Employment Law & Employee Relations offered by the HKIHRM before 2010.

[3]Certificate in Sourcing & Staffing is equivalent to Certificate in Recruitment & Selection offered by the HKIHRM before 2010.

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