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► What kind of activities will be counted towards CPD hours?

Any HR-related activities that enhance your skills, knowledge or attitude which a HR person should possess could be counted as CPD hours. Counting unit should not be less than 0.5.  

► Can excessive CPD be carried forward to next year?

No, excessive CPD hours cannot be carried forward to next year. 

► The Institute should have kept my training record when i enrolled to the Institute's traning programmes. Does it mean that i do not need to keep my CPQ records?

No, it is members’ obligations to keep CPD records according to the Institute’s guidelines.  IHRM will only provide a platform to facilitate your record keeping.  We will not help you to keep your CPD record.

► How long should i keep my CPD recod for checking?

We should complete the random check  of the CPD requirement of the previous membership year by 30 September of each year.  There is no need to keep your record after the check.  

► I am involved in some in-house training seesions as a speaker in my company, can this kind of activity be counted as CPD activity?

Yes, delivering training presentations to groups within or outside the company is counted as CPD activity. 


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