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Update your CPD records

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Updating Your CPD Records

Associate, Professional and Fellow members are required to maintain a CPD record with details of HR related activities undertaken including name of the training classes, the service providers, date and time. If you read HR book / journal, you have to provide us the name of the books / number of issue for journals and the number of hours of reading. If you read articles which are HR related, please tell us the subject.


Please go to ‘Personal Update’, after login in:

1. Update and maintain a record of all the “training activities” you have completed, including the date and name of the activity, the name of organizer (or name of author/publisher for books/journals), the type of training (e.g. seminar), and the no. of CPD hours obtained

2. Confirm which of those training activities are to be counted as “CPD records” for fulfilling HKIHRM mandatory CPD requirement

3. View the automatic summation of the total CPD hours accumulated as well as a breakdown of the total into structured and self-paced training activities
4. Print and save the CPD records


From now until 31 March of the following year, you can update the CPD activities you have undertaken between 1 April in the current year and 31 March of the following year. After the update deadline, members cannot change or update their CPD records for the said period.

CPD hours
in the past years cannot be updated through this online platform.

CPD recording checking

The Institute adopts a trust system with respect to this CPD requirement. You are NOT REQUIRED to print and submit your CPD records to us at the end of current membership year nor are you required to submit the records together with the payment for renewal of your membership.

However the Institute will carry out a random check of a certain percentages of members on or before 31 December of the current year and ONLY those selected members will be required to submit their CPD records together with copies of evidence for the CPD activities., such as attendance certificate / record for courses taken or a brief written review for such self-paced learning as reading HR journal or books.

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