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Fellow Member F.I.H.R.M.(HK)

  • Business Driver / Business Partner
  • Leading the development of strategic HR plans that drive sustained business performance


Requirements for fellow membership, F.I.H.R.M.(HK):

  • Having been a Professional Member of HKIHRM for a continuous period of at least 5 years;
  • At least 15 years of HR work experience and having worked in a strategic role during the 3 years immediately preceding the date of the application;
  • An evaluation mechanism approved is required for relevant assessment;
  • Endorsement by one Fellow Member of HKIHRM; and
  • With contributions to:
    (i) the applicant’s own organisation with significant HR impact; and

    (ii) HR Community; and
    (iii) the community at large as an HR professional.


Privileges for Fellow Member:

  •     Carries voting rights
  •     Can use the designation of Fellow Member F.I.H.R.M.(HK) after his/ her name
  •     Free official Journal Human Resources 
  •     Free daily e-newsletter
  •     Access online HR reference, statistics and toolkits at our website
  •     Networking opportunities

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CPD Requirement for Membership Renewal: 10 hours/ Annum       [What is CPD?]



Annual Membership Fee

(1 April to 31 March)



Upgrading from Existing Professional Member


Application Fee and Entrance Fee

Shortfall in Membership Fee HK$550
 Total: HK$1,100
  • Membership fee is charged on an annual basis for members joining between 1 April and 30 September
  • Membership fee is charged on a half-year basis for members joining between 1 October and 31 March of the next year
  • Those aged 60 or above AND on permanent retirement may apply for entering their names into the Retirement Register to enjoy a steep discount (50%) on the membership fee
  • Upgrading fee is the same for both HK based and Non-HK based member

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