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Membership Related Policies

(Effective 1 April 2010)

1. Membership Year

The membership year runs from 1 April each calendar year to 31 March the following calendar year.


2. Annual Membership Renewal

Your membership is subject to annual renewal upon satisfying the following conditions :

-       meeting CPD requirement pre-scribed by HKIHRM from time to time; AND

-       full settlement of annual subscription fee for the appropriate membership category which is due by 31 March every calendar year. 


3. Membership Suspension

Member(s) who fail to renew their membership, will have their membership suspended and all membership related services/benefits will be discontinued.


4. Re-instatement of Membership

Members can apply for re-instatement of their membership within 21 months after their membership is suspended (ie. Between July 1 and the second following March 31) by:

-     paying a reinstatement fee as well as all the outstanding annual membership fee since his/her suspension; and

-     providing CPD records for the year(s) showing you have met the CPD requirement since you have ceased to be a member (if applicable)



This re-instatement policy however does not apply to Ordinary Members whose membership cannot be re-instated after it has been suspended. These members will have to submit a membership application to HKIHRM in order to apply for a new membership and the category to which they will be admitted will be subject to meeting criteria prescribed for different membership categories. Entrance fee will apply for such new membership and record of their membership shall be maintained by HKIHRM from the date they join as such new member.


5. Strike-off from Membership Records

With respect to membership categories where re-instatement policy is applicable, if an application for re-instatement of membership is not made within 21 months after it is suspended, the member's name will be removed from the membership records at the end of the 21 months. Members whose records have been removed will have to submit a new application in order to join HKIHRM. For other membership categories, the member's name will be removed as soon as it is suspended. 



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