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Setting professional standards is one of the Institute's strategies in achieving its mission which is to create and add value to every HR professionals, the entire profession and organisations.

For HR Practitioners

For Human Resource Community

  • Brands human resource as a profession
  • Helps HR profession to play a significant role in driving the success of organisations and community at large

For Organisations 

  • Gives confidence to the employers the standards of HR professionals that add value to the business
  • Addresses the gaps between the capability of human resource practitioners and the expectation from business leaders / employers

For Tertiary Educational Institutes

  • Provides a framework and assistance to tertiary educational institutes for the development of appropriate curriculums to cope with the ever-changing demand in human resource management

Objectives of HKIHRM HR Professional Standards

Objective e


Mapping HR Career and Professional Development

The HKIHRM HR Professional Standards Model provides a framework to facilitate HR professionals advancing in the discipline through professional development. The framework is then translated into a demonstration that sets out the changing roles and the corresponding work context being played by an individual along a career ladder as well as the expanding knowledge requirements. The career ladder helps an individual understand what it takes to advance his or her career in terms of taking up different and more challenging roles. The knowledge requirements provide broad guidelines on the knowledge acquirements, both in terms of scope and depth. It also presents how HKIHRM’s structured programmes and other learning opportunities are there to add appropriate support.

In addition, various levels of HKIHRM membership are inserted in the demonstration, matching as appropriate an individual’s career progress and professional development.

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