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Professional Standards Model

Under the HR Professional Standards Model, three perspectives are identified to demonstrate the professional standards for practicing human resource management. They are:


  • The core HR professional KNOWLEDGE that one should acquire;
  • The work EXPERIENCE in terms of roles and responsibilities that one should play;
  • The CAPABILITY in terms of competencies that one should demonstrate at work.


Knowledge (HR Professional Areas)
A set of Body of Knowledge (BoK) defining the knowledge that a HR practitioner should acquire and apply at work is complied. The HR Body of Knowledge provides a framework to practitioners to facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge and skills through professional development opportunities.

Experience (HR Roles and Responsibilities)
The Institute recognises the practical experience of HR practitioners in terms of the HR roles and responsibilities to be performed at work. The HR roles and responsibilities outline what a HR professional should do and deliver operationally and strategically.

Capability (HR Competencies)
Capability represents the competencies a HR practitioner should demonstrate at work. The competencies describe the behaviours required for people working in the HR field to carry out his/her activities in a professional manner.   


Professional Standards for HR

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