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Capability (HR Competencies)

Capability, in terms of HR competencies, represents the desirable behaviors demonstrated at work. By making reference to academic models, competency frameworks adopted by World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) and other HR institutes, as well as competency requirements of major local corporations, the Institute has set out five competencies under the HR Competency Model, including:


  • Professional Knowledge
  • Business Partnership
  • Communication/Influence
  • Ethics 
  • Customer/User Focus


HKIHRM HR Competency Model

HKIHRM Competency Model 100330 s


 The competencies for HR practitioners working at professional positions or leading the organisation at strategic level vary.

HR Competencies

For HR practitioners at professional level

For HR practitioners at strategic level

Professional Knowledge

•    adopts HR knowledge, including principles and requirements for staffing policies, remuneration system, employee relations, performance management system, people development and legal framework, into HR practices to deliver value to the business;

•    enhances effectiveness of HR solutions and service delivery through building and improving HR practices and procedures, by translating and applying HR knowledge. 

•     transforms theories and concepts into innovative and effective HR practices to drive the success of the organisation;

•     leads the organisation towards the attainment of the organisation’s mission, vision and values by contributing advice and insights from HR perspectives.

Business Partnership

•    identifies the impact of business objective achievement in relation to HR strategies; 

•    implements HR management related activities, systems and processes to support the achievement of business objectives; 

•    recognises the critical influence of effective HR management in every business unit in the organisation, and

•    responds appropriately to their likely impact on the organisation in terms of risk, governance, sustainability and business performance. 

•     anticipates changes to meet the business needs and their impacts on the organisation, and formulates HR strategies in place to quickly respond and adapt to the changes;

•     builds organisational capabilities that encourage partnership in decision making and in attainment of business opportunities and objectives between HR teams and users of HR functions.



•    decides on and applies various approaches of effective communication among colleagues to present ideas and solutions; 

•    displays high levels of influence and persuasion in order to gain agreement for action; 

•    establishes and maintainsmechanisms for effective communication and consultation with users of the HR functions, senior management and other stakeholders. 

•     guides the direction of the organisation by demonstrating high levels of influence on the development and execution of HR strategies; 

•     monitors and adapts the communication impact and effectiveness to contribute to the business objectives.


•    displays integrity;

•    promotes ethical corporate behaviour and practices. 

•     engages in behaviour that demonstrates integrity;

•     develops policies and procedures to ensure compliance to meet company policies and regulatory requirements.

Customer/User Focus

•    anticipates and analyses needs of users of the HR functions and services from their perspective; and 

•    partners with other colleagues to provide joint HR solutions or services which align with users’ expectations; 

•    provides solutions to meet needs of users of the HR functions and services in the long term; and 

•    evaluates the implementation of solutions to ensure the achievement of users’ expectations.

•     formulates HR strategies and policies that enhance the organisation’s ability to respond to the needs of users of the HR functions;

•     integrates the interests and perspectives of users of the HR functions when initiating HR strategies for the organisation.



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