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Experience (HR Roles and Responsibilities)

Standards to define the roles and responsibilities which help adding values to an organisation and contribute to its business success have been set. Under the Professional Standards Model, the roles and responsibilities delineate what HR practitioners need to perform at work when they are at professional level or at higher levels contributing to the business in the strategic context.


For practitioners who are working at the professional level in the HR discipline, their roles and responsibilities demonstrated at work include:


Business Partner
Aligns human resource management strategies with business objectives and the external environment

Strategy Implementer
Contributes to and implements the human resource vision for the organisation

Organisation Development Designer
Supports the development of organisational capability through high-performing people

Expert Practitioner
Applies expert human resource knowledge to deliver value to the business

Culture and Change Agent
Facilitates and supports change initiatives in response to internal and external business operations environment


HR practitioners driving the success of the organisation at strategic level are playing the roles and responsibilities of a Strategic People Champion:


Strategic People Champion

Drives the success of the organisation by developing organisational capability via human resource management strategies that align organisational objectives with the needs of stakeholders (market, customers, government, regulators and employees).



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