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Learning and Development

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Learning and development is a critical factor for people at all levels of the organisation and the organisation as a whole to grow and develop, particularly under the complex and fast-changing environment.

Employees' capability and adaptability is one of the key pillars to support the organisation to keep up its competitiveness and improve the performance. In connection to this, it is necessary for the organisation to link up the learning and development management with its business needs and human resource planning. 

To foster the learning culture in an organisation, employees should be provided with different learning opportunities to motivate them for continuous learning and further development. Most importantly, the organisation should be balancing the organisational training requirements with individual needs.

Areas under the learning and development include:


  • Learning and development
    • Learning and development in the organisation
    • Linking learning and development management with business needs
    • Linking learning and development planning with HR planning
    • Assessing needs, learning design and learning methodologies
    • Training delivery and facilitation
    • Post-training evaluation and sustaining effectiveness
    • Organisation development
    • Building a learning organisation

*** Please click here for more details of the relevant HKIHRM certificate programme: 

Certificate in Train-the-Trainer.

Certificate in Learning Management.



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