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Professional Standards Workgroups

List of Professional Standards Workgroups


> Professional Standards Committee

> Advisory Boards

  • International Advisory Board
  • Strategic Advisory Board


> Professional Standards Sub-Committee


  • Body of Knowledge and Assessment Sub-Committee
  • Programme Endorsement Sub-Committee
  • Work Experience Recognition Sub-Committee


Professional Standards Committee

David Li Co-Chairperson
Valent Ma
Lawrence Hung  
Edmond Lai  
Julita Leung  
Margaret Cheng  
Francis Mok  
Chester Tsang  
Johnny Wan  


International Advisory Board

Kristen Cooper, National President, Human Resources Institute of New Zealand
Ernesto G. Espinosa, President, World Federation of People Management Associations
Peter Wilson, President of Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management, and National President and Chairman of Australian Human Resources Institute


Strategic Advisory Board

Alfred Chan
Andrew Chan
Sir CK Chow
Kim Mak


Body of Knowledge and Assessment Sub-Committee

Lawrence Hung Chairperson
Bonnie Ng Advisor
Howard Sou Advisor
Eliza Chan  
Annie Chow  
Eddy Fung  
Brenda Lee  
Lannie Lee  
Clara Liu  
Vincent Lo  
Valent Ma  
Anthony Mak  
Ada To
Chester Tsang  
Cavins Wan  


Programme Endorsement Sub-Committee

Julita Leung Co-chairperson
Johnny Wan Co-chairperson
Ritchie Bent Advisor
Li Kam Cheong Advisor
Weymond Lam  
Flora Leigh  
David Lui  
Edith Suen  
Richard Wong  


Work Experience Recognition Sub-Committee

Edmond Lai Co-chairperson
Francis Mok Co-chairperson
Albert Chau Advisor
Joseph Man Advisor
Phil Smith Advisor
Deborah Wan, BBS, JP Advisor
Roy Fung  
Norman Law  
Angel Lee  
Johnny Wan  





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