Guidebook for HR

Remarks: The information is excerpted from Human Resource Management Guidebook for SMEs (Published in 2014) and for reference only. Please refer to related government departments for updated regulations.


Sourcing and Staffing

 3A - Manpower Planning

 3B - Recruitment

 3C - Selection 

 3D - Employment Offers

 3E - Retention


Reward Management

 4A - Performance and Reward 

 4B - Total Reward

 4C - Payroll Administration 

 4D - Benefits 

 4E - Performance Management


Training, Learning & Development

 5A - Identify Training Needs 

 5B - Identify Training/Learning Events 

 5C - Post-training Evaluation  


Employee Relations and Employee Engagement

 6A - Handling Employee Relations and Enhancing Employee Engagement 

 6B - Employee Wellness 

 6C - Work Life Balance 

 6D - Handling Labour Disputes  

 6E - Disciplinary Action  

 6F - Handling Grievances 

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