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Conducting High EQ Conversations during Organisation Restructuring (Webcast)

日期 4 November 2021
時間 15:00-17:30
語言 Cantonese
時數 2.5
講師名稱 Dr Alpha Leung
查詢 Ms Kaki Yan
電話 (852) 2837 3832
收費(會員) $650
收費(非會員) $1000
概覽 - Comprehend how organisation restructuring can lead to negative emotional labour for affected employees, employers, and the remaining team

- Understand what EQ is and the common weaknesses of EQ traits/skills of middle managers in Hong Kong

- Gain skills on how to conduct high EQ communication during organisation restructuring

- Share some bad examples of conducting restructuring announcements in other companies
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狀態 Active
標籤 1. Topical Seminars / Workshops


Economic downturns typically lead to organisation restructuring and even layoffs. HR and line managers need to conduct difficult conversations with affected employees. However, if such conversations are handled inappropriately, resentment and other emotional tolls can be resulted.

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