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What to Watch Out for When Implementing Hybrid Work – English Session (Webcast)

日期 26 October 2021
時間 10:30-12:00
語言 English
時數 1.5
講師名稱 Ms Sandra Costeja
查詢 Ms Natalie Lau
電話 (852) 2837 3834
收費(會員) $450
收費(非會員) $750
概覽 1. How hybrid working is a reality that can no longer be ignored

2. Hybrid work model: how technology enables the employee experience

3. The three dimensions of a robust employee listening strategy
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狀態 Active
標籤 1. Topical Seminars / Workshops


The future of work will be hybrid. But how do we implement it in practice?
In this webcast, the speaker will build on recent EY research to discuss what organisations are doing to transition to the new reality, while continuing to adapt and transform.

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