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The Psychological Decoding of Resilience – The Foundation of Business Sustainability (Free for Members – Webcast)

日期 21 October 2021
時間 15:00 – 17:00
語言 Cantonese
時數 2.0
講師名稱 Ms Sarah Chan & Mr Alexander Ng
查詢 Ms Natalie Lau
電話 (852) 2837 3834
概覽 - What is the pandemic’s impact on mental wellness?

- Who is more susceptible to the negative effects of change?

- What are the true origins of stress? What are the individual differences in responding to stress?

- What does it take for employees to thrive in the face of unprecedented changes and organisational transformation?

- How can we help employees cultivate their resilience amid volatility and uncertainty?
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In the face of COVID-19 and other challenges we have encountered in recent years, more and more leaders are concerned with helping employees navigate difficult times marked by uncertainty and disruption. What are some of the ways to help employees stand strong, achieve more, and sustain business success?

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