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Employer Guidance on Vaccines(面授課程名額已滿,網上課程尚有名額)

日期 4 November 2021
Units 1810-15, 18/F, Millennium City 2,
378 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong
時間 10:00-11:30
語言 Cantonese (with English Materials)
時數 1.5
講師名稱 Ms Jennifer Tam
查詢 Ms Peggy Tang
電話 (852) 2837 3811
收費(會員) $500
收費(非會員) $850
概覽 1. Legal consideration on the "jab or swab" arrangement:
•Can employers mandate the arrangement?
•Should employers mandate the arrangement?
•What can employers do if the employees refuse to comply with the direction?

2. Data privacy issues on the collection of "jab or swab" records:
•Can employers collect the records?
•How do employers collect the records?

3. Practical steps
備註 Enrolment deadline 3 November 2021 13:00

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狀態 Active
標籤 1. Topical Seminars / Workshops


The Hong Kong Government expanded the vaccination in lieu of regular testing (VRT) scheme to all its employees in August 2021. Under the VRT scheme, the employees are required to submit to regular COVID-19 tests at their own time and costs unless they have received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or if they are certified as unfit for the vaccine.

•To learn about the latest developments in relation to COVID-19 vaccination in Hong Kong;
•To understand the impacts of such developments on employers and the workplace from a legal perspective

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