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An Overview of the Employment Ordinance in Hong Kong – English Session (Webinar)

日期 6 December 2022
時間 09:30 – 17:30
語言 English
時數 7.0
講師名稱 Lawrence, S.K. Li (LLM Hon)
查詢 Ms Icey Lau
電話 (852) 2837 3830
收費(會員) $2400
收費(非會員) $3300
概覽 1.Key Features of the Employment Ordinance (CAP 57)
• Employment Ordinance 1968
• Statutory Entitlements and Protection
• Subsequent Amendments
• Wages & Wages-Related Protections
• End of Year Payment (Part IIA, EO)

2.Minimum Statutory Entitlements of Leave according to the Employment Ordinance (Cap. 57)
• Maternity Protection
• Paternity Leaves
• Statutory Holiday
• Paid Annual Leave (s.41AA, EO)
• Sickness Allowance
• Leading Court Cases on each entitlement

3.Work-Related Injury and Employee Compensation Ordinance
• IOD Case Studies
• Employee Compensation Ordinance (cap. 282)
• An Accident Arising out of and in the Course of Employment
• No-Fault Scheme
• Statutory vs Possible Common Law Claims by an Employee Suffering from a Work-Related Injury

4.Termination of Employment Contract and Employment Protection
• A Concise Guide to Termination of Contract of Employment
• Probation and Termination (Notice Period)
• Payment in Lieu of Service
• An Example of Calculation of Statutory Entitlements on the Resignation of Employee
• Statutory and Common Law Means of Termination of Employment Contract
• Statutory Compensation and Common Law Damages of Wrongful Termination of Employment Contract
• Employment Protection governed by EO - Statutory Protection
• S.32O, EO: Award of terminal payments
• Reporting Terminal Payments required by Inland Revenue Department (Tax Issues)
• Severance Payment and Long Service Payment
• Tax Issues of Termination Payments

5.Brief Introduction on the Anti-discrimination Ordinance and Related Employment Regulation
• Sex Discrimination Ordinance (Cap 480) affecting recruitment: Does an exception apply?
• Sexual Harassment versus Indecent Assault
• Disability Discrimination Ordinance (Cap 487) affecting recruitment: Does an exception apply?
• Family Status Discrimination Ordinance (Cap 527)
• Race Discrimination Ordinance (Cap 602)
• Equal Opportunities Commission
• Discrimination against Union Member
• Jury Service Discrimination
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The introductory course aims at providing participants with an overview of the main provisions of the Employment Ordinance (Cap.57) and its applications in the employment and administration of staffs.

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