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Recruitment Made Easy: Key Strategies to Overcome Recruiting Challenges

日期 12 April 2023
時間 09:30-17:30
語言 Cantonese (with English Materials)
時數 7.0
講師名稱 Mr Paul Choi
查詢 Mr Joel Lei
電話 (852) 2837 3812
收費(會員) $2000
收費(非會員) $2800
概覽 Highlights:

- Employer Branding

- Job Design and Job Requirements

- Keys for Effective Job Ads

- Specific Assessments and Interview Questions

- Read Candidates Like a Book (postures, gestures and body languages)

- Managing Candidate Experience and Word of Mouth

- Powerful Induction for New Joiners
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狀態 Active
標籤 1. Topical Seminars / Workshops


"It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do," – Steve Jobs

Well, the problem is, where do we hire smart people?

There are approximate 90% of Hong Kong employers indicated that the war for talent has negatively affected their business and operation. The effectiveness of recruitment determines an organization's successes (and failures).

Let's join this interactive workshop with practical ideas and case studies to overcome recruiting challenges successfully.

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